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Fighter (Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, Karate) Program

Fighter (Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, Karate) Program

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This 8-week program will provide a 3 day gym routine tailored specifically to the demands of Fighters!

This program utilizes all primary strength movements, posterior chain, and core training.

This program will allow these athletes to continue to build functional hypertrophy and strength to allow them to excel at the highest level, while also mitigating the likelihood of injury.

This program utilizes exercise selection that will allow for maximal increases in performance, without the risk of training injury, or overuse issues associated with the particular positional needs of the athlete.

This program also contains both conditioning to give the athlete a holistic training regime to maximise athletic development.

This program is a generalised program specifically for Combat athletes! 

If you are looking for a sport-specific personalised program, check out the Elite Athlete Program via Personalised Programs. 

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