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8 Week Personalised Durability Program

8 Week Personalised Durability Program

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Sick and Tired of Getting Injured? This personalised durability program will help you become a bulletproof athlete! 

The durability program is a world first, teaching us the exercises that help prevent soft tissue injuries, broken bones, concussions and many other injuries. 

This is an 8 week program, done 5 days a week, containing; 

  • Fascia Release 
  • Leg Durability 
  • Full Body Mobility Routines 
  • Upper Body Durability
  • Hamstring Injury Prevention 
  • Knee Injury Prevention 
  • Mind and Soul Durability 
  • Core Durability and Exercises 

This program will give you hundreds of exercises to do that will stop you from getting injured! 

After breaking my leg horribly when I was 16, it took me years to develop the right training methods, the right way to load my body, and the knowledge of the right exercises for me to become bulletproof! 

Now I am stronger than ever and no longer prone to injuries! That was off the back off sticking to a specific exercise program that helped me become the athlete that I am today. 

This program might run for 8 weeks... But you will have it for life so you can continue using it throughout your lifetime if you ever feel you need it! And the knowledge of the exercises you are using will be there for life!


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