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Prime Training



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Want to become an explosive athlete? This program has been formulated by Australia's leading sports scientist Beau Joyce. 

Sick of Training like a bodybuilder? Feeling stiff, immobile or prone to injury by wasting your time doing the same exercises in the gym? 

Is it time to stop trusting those magazines and free tips on YouTube and finally invest in yourself, your health and your body by training with a qualified Professional Athlete Trainer. 

NO MORE ONE SIZE FITS ALL PROGRAMS... My 8 week explosive athlete program is written completely from scratch for all of my clients!

It’s time to change the way you train - become a game changing athlete with Prime Training! 

You NEED a training program that works in with your lifestyle, goals, and sport! 

What's Included? 

  • Full 8-Week Gym Program, Personalised For You and Your Sport! 
  • AFL, Cricket, Basketball, NFL, MMA, Handball, Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, etc. 
  • Includes: Gym, Running, Athleticism, Mobility & More!
  • Video Library of Exercises and Workouts
  • Access to an App that Logs your Workouts
  • Weekly Physio Updates
  • Weekly Check in Calls with Me
  • My Personal E-Mail and Phone Number

How does it work? 

  • Add the program to your card and pay through preferred method 
  • Once Purchase is completed you will receive a confirmation e-mail
  • This email will have an extremely important form attached to it
  • Fill out this form and submit it... 
  • I will then receive the form and begin writing the program 
  • Program writing regularly takes 3-7 days
  • Once the Program is complete you will receive an email 
  • This email will provide you with the steps to login to your account 
  • Once Program is Received - Please go and give me a 5-Star Review on Google ;)
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