Founder, CEO

Tom Baulch is the founder and CEO of Prime Training, which he began in 2020.

His vision was to create a platform for athletes to change the way they train to maximise performance and decrease their risk of injury.

Playing Aussie Rules at VFL, WAFL and NEAFL level he has experience in high level sport, combined with personal training and strength and conditioning certifications.

Prime also has a degree in Sports Journalism which he attained from the University of Queensland in 2021.

His passion has always been in fitness and sport. Prime's father, Michael Baulch, is also a successful entrepreneur, and an influential role model.

Prime has built his business to hundreds of thousands of followers across various platforms, training thousands of athletes pro athletes, and bringing a positive vibe to those around him.

Beau Joyce

Head of Sports Science and Programming

Beau is the head of Sports Science at Prime Training.

Completing his sports science degree through La Trobe university in 2019, Beau aims to create his own successful online coaching business helping as many athletes as possible.

One of his greatest qualities is his personality, Beau builds great rapport with new people extremely quickly.

He has also spent time at the Northern Knights as a Strength and Conditioning coach and has experience in training athletes.

Beau is an experienced trainer with years in the field and is a trusted member of the Prime Train community.  

If you wish to connect with Beau, you can do so here;

Angus Cowan

Email Marketing Manager

Genuinely a genius at what he does, Angus is the real deal when it comes to email marketing.

He is also a massive sports fan, based in Brisbane, Queensland. He loves his Rugby League and has a passion for fitness.

Angus graduated from the University of Queensland (Same as Prime) with a degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance.

Angus also has an e-commerce background which helps him maximise Prime Training's growth.

Angus was the first ever employee at Prime, and has always been a pleasure to work with.

Angus assists in social media marketing and customer service at Prime, taking a lot of the workload off Prime's shoulders which he is forever grateful for. 

Shane Wright

Head of Nutrition Planning and Programming

Shane Wright is a Health and Nutrition coach based in the United Kingdom.

He is university degree certified in health, nutrition and exercise from the University of Bedfordshire.

You won't meet anyone more passionate about health and fitness than Shane, he also plays high level football in the UK which keeps him fit throughout the year.

Not only is he a nutrition expert, he also boasts excellence in coaching too, having his own personal training brand and business.

Shane has terrific people skills, communicates extremely well, and helps to expand the Prime Train business across the globe, rather than just focusing on Australia. Contact Shane today;