Sick of "One-Size Fits All?"

I know for a fact that I am...

The internet is plagued with "one-size fits all" training programs that could not care less about the athlete.

If you are an athlete, there is no point training like a bodybuilder!

Stop using those training programs that pop up on your instagram or tik tok, there are NOT what you need to be doing in the gym!

It truly is crazy to me that people entrust their bodies to random programs they find online - and then question why they are always getting injured?

You will STOP GETTING INJURIES once you start to train specific to your sport, once you start mimicing the movements required out on the field, and once you employ a real mobility routine that will actually change the way you move.

Better than that, you will actually INCREASE PERFORMANCE, you will be more dynamic, you will run faster, jump higher, kick further and be the best athlete in your league school or division!



What's the Solution, Prime?

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the industry for a long time!

I have both played elite-level sports and trained elite level athletes.

The solution is simple, you have to start training for your sport! You have to start making a change in the way that you approach your training!

It is crazy to think that so many athletes around the world are still so stuck in the ways of training like a bodybuilder.

Trust me it's hard to fathom what you have been doing for years has not even been helping you one bit!

I remember constantly getting injured while I was relying on squats, bench press and deadlifts to make me better... all they did was make me more injury prone!

Changing my training was one of the greatest things I ever did, and some of the best professional athletes in the world started taking notice!


"Talent is important, but it is not the key point."

- Cristiano Ronaldo

Trusted by the Pro's

Trusted by 1000+ athletes and over 100+ pro athletes.

Ranging from a variety of sports, Prime Training has worked with numerous athletes to take them to the top of their game.

Whether athletes are at school level, or are professionals, Prime Training wants to help them reach their athletic potential.

With over 100+ 5 Star Google Reviews, Prime is a trusted athlete trainer and seen by many professionals as a leader amongst the industry.

It doesn't matter what sport you play or where you are in your journey to reaching your athletic potential, Prime is there to help.

Pro athletes have always come back fitter, stronger, faster and more dynamic after working with Prime.



Benefits of Being Prime?


Every program I write will be personalised exactly to your sport, goals, specifications and lifestyle...

Prime Training also has over 160,000 followers on Tik Tok.

Programs are written by Prime, a sports movement and biomechanics researcher and pro athlete trainer.

All programs are completely different due to athletes needing exactly this to get the best results!

It is a simple problem, with a simple solution.

Why waste our time in the gym training like bodybuilders when you can train like an athlete, get the most out of your sport and become an absolute beast on the field!

The results speak for themselves, with countless professional athletes coming back looking like a revived human!

And you can get started for FREE!

Yep... Free...







Usually one on one sessions cost $90 per session...

Let's say you do 6 sessions a week, which is what many of my one on one clients prefer doing...

Let's do the maths - that is $540 a week! Expensive right?

Now on an 8 week program, thats $4320...

Super expensive right?

Well I am going to offer you a crazy crazy deal, that will help you jump like Lebron and look like Ronaldo.

Complete with the same coaching, same videos, the same technology that I use with my pro athletes.

These programs are so cheap for what you are getting!

  • A full exercise library of all of the exercises, my personal
  • My personal phone number
  • Weekly check in calls with me
  • Program that is personalised to your sport
  • Access to an app that logs your workouts
  • Includes mobility, running, gym and much more!


What About Nutrition?

Gym Workouts only tell half the story.

If you really want to take your game to the next level and become that GAME-CHANGING athlete then you need to get the personalised nutrition program!

The nutrition program is trusted by over 50 pro athletes in a variety of sports.

This program provides 7-days of meals, recipes and other nutrition tips to keep you on top of your game!

Usually valued at $199.99...

But I am giving it to you with the personalised gym program for only $49.99!!!