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Prime Training



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Train exactly like an AFL player, every purchase includes free AFL ELITES CLUB SINGLET!

We have set up the most elite AFL Specific Gym Program the Industry has ever Seen! 

Personalised Gym Program... 

  • In-Season Gym Program Updated Weekly
  • Includes: Gym, Running, Athleticism, Mobility & More!
  • Skills, Drills, Handballing, Kicking, etc. 
  • Video Library of Exercises and Workouts
  • Access to an App that Logs your Workout
  • Weekly Check in Calls
  • Tips for Losing weight in season
  • In season Running
  • Recovery after a game (100 point recovery system)
  • Gaining Confidence for games
  • Importance of watching lowlights of games
  • Getting hard ball – Not being scared to go into packs 
  • Pre-Game Nutrition
  • How to get drafted, what recruiters are looking for
  • Pre-Game Nutrition Breakfast 
  • How to kick more goals during the game?
  • Frequency of going to the gym

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